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Bicycle Lock Out Service Jamaica Queens NY

If you are in dire need of a legit and affordable bicycle locksmith, then Locksmith Queens NY is here for you. We cover residential, commercial, automobile, and bicycle locksmith services in Jamaica Queens.

You can easily reach us through our hotline numbers in all emergency locksmith cases like bike lockouts. Call us anytime and our mobile van will be there in your spot in 15 minutes!


What is Bicycle Lock Out Service?

Bicycle lockouts can happen due to lost keys, forgotten passcode, or your bike lock has been destroyed due to an attempt of stealing your bike. In any situation, we never recommend that you fix this on your own, rather let our trained technicians do it to avoid complications.

Locksmith Queens NY receives many calls regarding bicycle lockouts in Jamaica Queens, and so far, all our clients are very satisfied with our works. Our licensed and bonded professionals can efficiently repair, replace, and unlock different bike locks such as D-locks, cable locks, chain locks, folding locks, and combination locks.

If you want your bike lockout issue to be resolved in a short time frame without any damages on your bicycle, then call us for the job. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

How to Choose the Best Bike Lock?

There are hundreds of brands of bicycle locks out there, but do you know which one to pick? If you are a seasoned cyclist, then you have a fair knowledge on the factors you need to look for an excellent bike lock. Otherwise, you can rely on our licensed and bonded technicians for assistance.

Here are some of the important factors you need to look into when choosing a bicycle lock:

Basically, there are around five to six types of bike locks and each has its corresponding pros and cons. These lock classifications include D-locks, foldable, combination, chain, cable, and ground anchor.


This is one of the classic and proven locks used to secure bikes on the street or in parking areas. It has a weird shackle shape but its material is durable to take on pounds of force.

Cable Locks

This is a good secondary lock for your bicycle. The chain is made from metal alloy insulated with a rubber-Like plastic to prevent scratches on your bike frame. It has a built-in lock that is usually a combination lock with three to five rings.

Chain Locks

These are metal rings connected together in various lengths depending on your need. It is typically secured at both ends with a hardened padlock.

Combination Locks

This is parallel to chain locks but it uses a combo lock instead of a padlock. To ensure higher security level, you need to choose those with a four to five ring passcode combination.

Foldable Locks

Unlike chain locks, a foldable lock has a specific point in its length where it can be folded. It usually comes with a bracket for easy mounting on your bike.

Ground anchor

This is a stationary lock that is drilled unto your concrete floor. Ground anchors are usually DIY installed in your garage or in waiting areas or bike parking spaces.


Lock Barrel

To ensure better resistance against bolt crop cutters, drilling, hammering, sawing, and other forceful actions, choose a lock barrel made from hardened steel. Likewise, a heavy lock barrel also indicates that it is heavy-duty and solid.

Sold Secure Certification

You need to choose bike locks that have a Sold Secure rating because that ensures it can deter bike theft. For the locks to get a Sold Secure rating, it must resist the twelve various means of attacking a lock in five minutes. A regular thief would only delve for two and a half minutes in destroying your lock. They would not linger much long because of the fear of being noticed. There are three tiers for Sold Secure rating: Gold (highest rating), Silver, and Bronze.

We always keep various supplies of bike locks that are Sold Secure so you can choose which one best fits your needs. Likewise, our technicians will use their expertise in giving you insightful advice on which lock is the most cost-efficient to protect your bicycle from being stolen.

Bike locksmith near me

Locksmith Queens NY is your number one nearby local locksmith in Jamaica Queens. With constant dedication and perseverance, our mobile locksmith is most reliable on your emergency locksmith needs such as bike lockouts.

Our mobile van is just standing nearby, waiting for your call in case your bicycle locks and keys are compromised. We have all the tools and supplies we need in our van so can directly resolve your bicycle locksmith concerns on the spot.

15 Minute Response

Have you tried waiting for more than an hour for assistance to arrive? That is terribly frustrating and can put you at risk. This is the main reason why Locksmith Queens NY always arrives on or before time for all appointments.

We made sure that being on time is part of our quality locksmith service in Jamaica Queens NY. Your bike lockouts will no longer be a burden since our emergency locksmith team will be there in your spot in 15 minutes.

If you want a reliable and quick response on your bicycle locksmith issues, call us.

We are available 24/7

Things are always unpredictable, especially when it comes to locks and keys. Hence, we have taken this matter into consideration, so we are offering our bicycle locksmith services 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Whether you encounter a bike lockout at daytime or in the middle of the night, Locksmith Queens NY is round the clock here for you. We are simply a call away from meeting you anywhere in Jamaica Queens NY.

In 15 minutes, our mobile van will be there in your door step to examine your lock problem. After, we are going to apply the most feasible option to unlock your bike locks in no time.

Call now for appointments or free quotes.

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