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Marshal Eviction Service Jamaica Queens NY

Aside from lockouts and fixing broken locks, we also receive plenty of calls from our clients regarding their Marshal eviction service Jamaica Queens NY. Locksmith Queens NY is your all-in-one local locksmith to provide cost-efficient security solutions to safeguard your home, vehicle, bicycle, and commercial establishments.

During the event of legally evicting your tenant from their apartment, house, or office, the Marshal or City Sheriff shall obliged you as the landlord to rekey or replace all entry locks in the premises. In that case, you can count on us for this locksmith service.


What is Marshal Eviction Service?

Marshal eviction service refers to an authorized action of letting your tenant move out from their current rented space. This can be due to unpaid rents or the tenant has been doing suspicious illegal transactions which can compromise everyone’s safety.

A parallel action to an eviction order is the legal possession. The marshal or sheriff can give you insightful advice regarding the two actions, but the final decision will still rest upon you.

Before a Warrant of Eviction is served and executed, you as the landlord must file a petition for removal which requires court hearing and approval. When you are facing this dilemma, Locksmith Queens NY can be your trustworthy locksmith that will help you comply with the lock rekey or replacement required
for an eviction.


Generally, during a sheriff or marshal eviction, the authorized personnel will bring the Warrant of Eviction to legally to pull out the tenant from the rented premises. In an eviction process, the tenant’s belongings will be transported and stored in a safe and private warehouse.

In contrast, if it is a legal possession, the tenant’s valuables will remain inside the rented area until he or she is ready to transport it to a new place. Always remember that you as the landlord do not have the right
to sell the tenant’s items while it is safely stored inside your premises.

Prior to the execution of the Warrant of Eviction, there must be the petition for removal. Once the court approves the petition, the marshal or sheriff must request for the Warrant of Eviction from the Civil Court. After, the authorized officer must personally serve the Notice of Eviction prior on executing the Warrant of Eviction.

If the tenant is not around to receive the Notice, the marshal or sheriff must post the Notice on a visible and obvious area of the rented space (pinned on the exterior side of the door or inserted under it). Likewise, the officer must mail on the same day a copy of the Notice from a certified mailing company.

Overall, the waiting period before the execution of the Warrant of Eviction is six (6) working days after the mailing date.


Are landlords required to change locks or have them re-keyed after an eviction?

To avoid any complications and deter the tenant from breaking in to the area, the marshal or sheriff will oblige the landlord from changing the key pins or the entire lock for all entrances to the premises.

In this event, Locksmith Queens NY is one of the go-to local locksmith to rekey or replace the locks in your house, apartment or office. Most marshal eviction services in Jamaica Queens come to us to avail our cost-efficient locksmith services.

You can directly call our hotline to have our mobile van come to your place in less than 30 minutes. Our rekeying and lock replace services are priced reasonably to suit your budget.

We are providing 24 hours a day and seven days emergency services

In Jamaica Queens, it is us Locksmith Queens NY who can quickly aid your lock and key problems at any time and days of the week. Our mobile locksmith team is on standby mode and ready to respond on any emergency locksmith scenarios, like lockouts, stuck keys, or broken door frames due to break-ins.

If lockouts and lost keys are scary before, today it won’t be that depressing anymore because our security solutions is available day or night. The fastest way to reach us would be calling our hotline.

For emergency cases, no need for appointments. Just call.

Locksmith Jamaica Queens NY
Full Service Locksmith Company

Our team of professionals are highly trained and experienced in dealing all kinds of lock fixing, replacement, and installation. Locksmith Queens NY is your trusted local locksmith to offer an all-around lock and key services in the area.

May that be a broken lock or producing copies of your original key, we are here to help. Our mobile van is fully equipped with updated toolset and supplies, so we can effectively settle your dilemma in our first visit.

We got your back for residential, commercial, automobile, and bicycle locksmith services.

Get in touch with us anytime.
Licensed & Bonded Locksmiths

You need to be cautious in hiring a technician to fix or install locks in your premises. The best way to determine if they are legit would be to ask for their license and proof of insurance as an accredited local locksmith in Jamaica Queens.

To ease your burden, you can tap on us Locksmith Queens NY as all our technicians are licensed and bonded to work in the area. Talk to one of our lock experts by calling our hotline.

Experienced & Well Trained Locksmiths

To keep up with innovations, we conduct annual workshops and training to all our technicians. Aside from their experiences, these training will further enhance their knowledge about the latest trends in locks and keyless remote controls.

Locksmith Queens NY never do guesswork in fixing or replacing your broken locks and access control systems. Fast and accurate key duplication, reprogramming, and replacement on the spot.

With us, you are confident that your lock-related concerns in good hands.

Residential Professional
Our Locksmiths Have All The Skills To Provide You With The Best Services.

For your lock rekey and replacement needs in the event of a marshal eviction service, call us Locksmith Queens NY.

We got you covered for all locksmith requirements, just make a short call anytime.

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